2019 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are 1-3:30pm unless otherwise noted. All events are also posted on the chapter Facebook page.

January 5: Hands-on Advertising Workshop at Smoky Mountain Pizza on 415 E. Parkcenter Blvd.

Don’t know where to start with advertising your books? Or you’ve started but don’t know what it all means and what to do next? Bring your laptop for an intensive advertising workshop. Guests welcome!

We’ll be making ads, troubleshooting problems, and checking results for:
—Amazon ads in the US and UK
—Facebook ads
—BookBub ads and features
—Preparing and launching your first book

We’ll be splitting up into groups based on interest. Bring your:
—workstation! If yours doesn’t travel well, bring pen and paper for notes.
—For Amazon ads, you’ll need an account through KDP as well as lots of keywords (and you can harvest these as well during the workshop). If you’d like to try ads in the UK but can’t figure out how to get an account, we’ll step you through the hack.
—For Facebook ads, you’ll need a personal page and an author page. For the ads, you’ll need a couple of good excerpts from your books, some short catchy taglines about your book, and the names of some big traditionally published authors in your genre. We’ll be using the free stock art Facebook provides through Shutterstock for the images.
—For BookBub, you’ll need to create an account at partners.bookbub.com and claim your Author Profile. For the ads, you probably will want a Canva account or something similar to create the ad (along with stock art and/or your book cover), although BookBub does have an automatic ad generator you can use as well.

We’re happy to answer any questions before the workshop, and please let us know what you’re most interested in getting help within the comments!

Hosted by Megan Bryce, with help from Judith Keim and Kate Baray.

February 2: Jordyn White—Deconstructing Popular Fiction

March 2: Kyrsten Bell—“Nabokov‘s Favorite Word is Mauve: What the Numbers Reveal About the Classics”

April 6: “Getting to Know You” member chat—With so many new members, we’re going to share what we write, our publishing journeys, and our writing goals.

May 4: Judith Keim—How to Launch a New Release/How to Use FB to Grow Readership

June 6-9: Members Only Summer Writing Retreat in Cascade, Idaho

July: No meeting due to 4th of July weekend

August 3Sherrie Briscoe—Branding for Authors

September 7: Lori Ryan—Shared Worlds and Co-writing

October 5Sabra Haney—Former death investigator and coroner for the county morgue. She’ll be sharing her experiences dealing with death, the emotional toll it takes, procedures and practices and how it’s not like TV, and what happens after someone dies.

November 2: Lani Forbes—Character development