Special Events

Due to scheduling conflicts 

the Master Class has been moved to April 21, 2018!

This all day intensive workshop will help writers create a concrete career and marketing plan.

Author 3.0: The Creative Entrepreneur With Maggie Lynch

Where: To be decided – Boise ID

Time: 8:00 AM Registration, 8:30 AM Start
Lunch: 12:30-1:30pm,
Ends: 6:00pm

Cost: Will be announced

Morning Session – Career Planning

Writing and publishing that first book is an accomplishment few people achieve. No one can ever take that great feeling away from you. However, if you want to be a career author that is only the beginning. You need to repeat that accomplishment again and again. Before you worry about marketing and sales of that first book, you need to map out your career for the next three to five years. This includes: determining your specific genre(s); building a brand; exploiting every word you write in books, blog posts, short stories, and articles; and planning your output and release schedule to maximize income both in backlist and front list books.

This workshop gets you started on your three to five-year plan. Using a plan helps to ensure you don’t spend money on the wrong things, but instead maximize income possibilities with strategic and realistic release scheduling. The worksheets will help you to look at your career as more than writing the next book. You are the CEO of your own company and having a plan is critical to your success and to setting realistic expectations for income and return on your investment (ROI) of time and money.

Afternoon Session – The Unvarnished Truth About Marketing: What Works and What is a Waste of Time

Most authors are emotional people. They become best friends with their characters and that leads them to craft wonderful books that tell those characters’ stories. The problem is that marketing cannot be an emotional journey for the author. To be good at marketing you have to be analytical. You have to be the person who can look at your book and honestly decide if your baby is ugly. If it is ugly—defined as not an easy sell because it doesn’t meet the general criteria of a single popular genre—then you have to convince the reader that your baby has a special value they can’t live without.

Far too many authors think that book marketing is about selling your book. It’s not. In fact, the more you try to sell your book, the more you turn off potential readers. Book marketing is about convincing your potential readers of the VALUE of your book. That value is NOT the story, NOT the price, NOT the genre. That value is the EXPERIENCE of reading your book. You need to understand what experience YOUR readers want to have and what your stories deliver so you can continuously capitalize on that experience.

This workshop will discuss how to identify that value in your own book(s) and then how to use specific techniques to exploit that value. The top three proven techniques to actually sell books will be demonstrated with examples and timelines. Specifically: 1) Building a mailing list of true fans; 2) Continuously engaging your readers; and 3) Proper use of FB Advertising.

If you have any questions, please contact the event coordinator, Valerie Robertson at valmroberts@gmail.com.