2015 Retreat Info

2015 CBC Retreat, members only

June 11-14, McCall, Idaho

It is hard to describe retreat because few words can fully capture all the wonderful things retreat is. Connection between like-minded readers and writers. Good food. Sleep, if you need it. Power hours where you’ll reach extreme levels of productivity. Good research.  Reading time, if you need it. And so much more.

The cabin is fully furnished, has power, plumbing and even decent cell service. No need to bring bedding or pots and pans. Food is provided by the chapter but all are welcome to bring munchies and alcohol to share. We have multiple members allergic to gluten, so we try to gear food around them or offer alternate options. If you have a special dietary need, please let us know. Members often go into McCall to dine Thursday nights.

So four days, three nights, including meals? And it is only $60.00? Sweet!

Members can register at the monthly meetings or online.